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The Turnbull Government needs to start taking the Northern Territory seriously said Labor representatives after a series of meetings and briefings in Darwin and Katherine during the past week. The Top End has seen a massive $1.7 billion cut in GST with the added insult of no new investment in infrastructure. The Turnbull Government needs
AEC Darwin Office Restructure Letter to Special Minister of State
Newly released research has backed up claims that the failure of Malcolm Turnbull and his government to protect penalty rates will hit locals hard. According to the McKell Institute’s Unfair Burden report, the proposed changes will cost Lingiari workers as much as $8 million per year, with a significant chunk of that money being transferred
It is with great sadness that we acknowledge the death of an Australian Army soldier on 10 May at the Mount Bundey Training Area in the Northern Territory.   We acknowledge the superb work of the medics, platoon and AME staff and we’re grateful that all members are receiving psychological and pastoral support.   Whether