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Labor will move to guarantee the Northern Territory two federal seats through a private senator’s bill to be introduced when Parliament next meets in June. Without legislative intervention, the Territory is likely to lose one of its two seats as a result of electoral boundary redistributions during this term of parliament, halving its representation in
This week marks National Volunteer Week and sixteen local community groups in Lingiari will benefit from a share in $9 million of federal funding to support local volunteers across Australia. The grants awarded are between $1,000 and $5,000, and will enable organisations in Lingiari to better support their volunteers to purchase small equipment, pay fuel,
First Nations Australians in some remote communities are unable to access affordable basic goods and essential items, forcing them to make impossible choices between self-isolating and feeding their families.   First Nations Australians are particularly vulnerable to serious infection from COVID-19 due to higher rates of chronic illness. This threat is more grave for those living
Labor First Nations Ministers and Shadow Ministers held an historic first meeting yesterday to discuss issues confronting Indigenous Australians as the nation responds to the COVID-19 pandemic.   The meeting of Labor’s federal, state and territory Indigenous affairs counterparts discussed the preparedness of government and communities, as well as the strategies being implemented to protect