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Labor is calling on the Morrison Government to use its idle $5 billion Northern Australia Infrastructure Facility (NAIF) to provide further economic stimulus to Northern Australia in the wake of the coronavirus outbreak. Many parts of Northern Australia were already suffering above average unemployment and have now been hit hard by coronavirus. At a time
Labor supports urgent action required to protect Indigenous Australians living in remote communities.   Indigenous Australians are disproportionately at risk of serious infection from COVID-19.   This is due to high rates of chronic illnesses in our community.   Indigenous Australians also have a lower capacity to isolate as a result of the prevalence of
SUBJECT: Coronavirus, CDP, Remote Communities LIZ TREVASKIS, HOST :  On ABC Radio Darwin and the Northern Territory. Do you feel as though the advice you’re getting at the moment is clear on how you should be responding to COVID-19. The Federal Government has copped a bit of flak for not necessarily being clear enough and
Our country has been built on the hard work of our senior Australians. Seniors have made a tremendous contribution to the life and prosperity we enjoy today. We owe a duty as a nation to ensure that every older Australian in our community can age well – with the respect, support and opportunities they deserve.