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In May 2017, 250 First Nations leaders met at Uluru and called for a constitutionally enshrined Voice to Parliament. After more than a decade of debate about what form Constitutional Recognition should take, representatives of First Nations people described what it looked like to them. They told Australia that while the 1967 referendum meant they
Shadow Minister for Regional Communications Stephen Jones has written to Regional Services Minister Bridget McKenzie, calling for a commitment to re-instate ABC Shortwave Radio right now. Labor last week announced $2 million towards re-establishing the vital service which is relied upon by Australians living in remote parts of the country with extremely limited mobile and


Labor is calling on the Government to put the next round of Community Development Program (CDP) contracts on hold and extend current arrangements until the current broken CDP program can be fixed. Nigel Scullion is forcing new contracts on CDP providers, despite his legislation stalling in the Senate and mounting criticism of the failed remote
Reports today that the Abbott-Turnbull-Morrison Government has once again failed to properly engage with First Nations people and their representative organisations in the Close the Gap Refresh are deeply disappointing. This is just another example of this government doing things to Indigenous people, instead of with them. Nigel Scullion must take responsibility for this mess.