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The House Standing Committee on Indigenous Affairs released its Report on food pricing and food security in remote Indigenous communities today which showed massive disparities of food prices in remote communities, compared with non-remote areas. The report identified the lack of buying power of remote community stores to access wholesale prices; costly supply chains; and
Labor’s efforts to guarantee the Northern Territory two lower house seats by law took an important step forward today, with the Senate passing a bill to ensure the NT keeps at least two MPs. It was Labor’s campaign and introduction of our own bill to the Parliament in June that made the government take notice
The Government’s Community Development Program (CDP) is broken and needs to be completely abolished and replaced, not restarted. This week however, the government is resuming the CDP, following a temporary suspension in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic. The Government’s failure to replace the program and deliver a real jobs program is a huge missed
Labor’s campaign to guarantee two Federal MPs for the Northern Territory is another step closer to success, with the government agreeing to legislate for fair NT representation. Under the formula the Australian Electoral Commission must use to determine the number of seats in each state and territory, the NT was set to lose a seat