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Federal Labor is appalled by reports of the exploitation of Indigenous artists in Central Australia, and welcomes news that the government will take the issue seriously. According to the reports, several well-known Indigenous artists have been subject to no less than servitude, after being forced by an unnamed dealer to produce new artworks to pay
Communities in Northern Australia are struggling, the economy is growing at its slowest pace in a decade, wages are stagnant, and there is no help from the Morrison Government. Through Senate Estimates, Labor uncovered information that confirms many of the Morrison Government’s infrastructure projects won’t start for years. Across Northern Australia, less than a third of infrastructure


The closure of the Uluru climb is an important moment for reconciliation in Australia. It marks respect for Aboriginal culture and will become one of the defining stories of our nation’s healing, coming together and maturity. The Anangu traditional owners have been asking people not to climb since Uluru was handed back in 1985. Signs
Yesterday in Parliament I paid tribute to the Jawoyn people celebrating the 30th Anniversary of the return of their country, Nitmiluk. On September 10th 1989, the Jawoyn people won a Land Claim for Nitmiluk,  previously known as the Katherine Gorge. Now 30 years on, we can look at the handback as a triumph with a