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The Morrison Government’s latest regional funding announcement is another dud that pits regions against others and leaves the Northern Territory behind. Rather than coming up with a plan to drive recovery across regional Australia, the Morrison Government has instead selected 10 regions to share in $100m over the next two years, while leaving nothing for


It is 17 months since the Prime Minister said he would work with First Nations peak organisations on new Closing the Gap targets to reduce the disparities between First Nations and non-Indigenous Australians. A closer partnership between government and First Nations organisations as well as a greater role in service delivery will be critical to
Labor has today called on the Prime Minister to support its move to protect the Northern Territory’s representation in the Federal Parliament by law. A bill to guarantee the NT two lower house seats through legislation, introduced to the Parliament last month by Senators Farrell and McCarthy with the support of NT CLP Senator Sam
The Morrison Government should deliver on promised road and infrastructure upgrades for Kakadu National Park to provide desperately needed support to tourism in the Top End. This week, there are alarming reports about the slow delivery of $216 million in funding promised before the 2019 election, funding which continues to stall. Meanwhile, traditional owners are