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Labor gave Australians Medicare and Labor will always protect it. All Australians should be able to access healthcare when and where they need it. That is what drives Labor’s health policy.

As a former Minister for Indigenous Health and a long time Territorian, Warren Snowdon understands the unique challenges faced by rural and remote communities in ensuring access to good health services, and has been working hard to deliver results for the Territory.

Australia seeks a good international society. Our national interest is in a peaceful, stable and prosperous world.

There are many challenges to this global vision – including the threat of conflict between states, the rise of non-state actors, growing economic inequality, and climate change. Warren acknowledges and understands our leading Defence role in Lingiari and in particular the concerns of Veterans' Affairs.

Labor wants your child to be given the same chance to succeed at school as any other child in the country. School funding should go where it is most needed — to ensure the best education outcome for all Australian kids.

Warren Snowdon and Labor are committed to giving every Territory child a great education. Labor wants your child to be given the same chance to succeed at school as any other child in the country.

A Labor Government will reset relationships with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Australians in a renewed push to close the gap on Indigenous disadvantage. It was Labor that created the Close the Gap framework, and only Labor has a clear plan to meet the ambitious targets we designed when last we were in government.

Warren travels regularly throughout Lingiari to consult with communities and health service providers. Warren is committed to working in a meaningful partnership with Indigenous Australians to close the gap and improve outcomes for Indigenous Australians.

The people of Lingiari are lucky to be living in country so rich in beauty and natural heritage. It's what makes our region such a popular destination for visitors from within Australia and overseas, and it's important to protect the environment along with the jobs that depend upon it.

Warren Snowdon and Labor recognise the value of these natural resources and are committed to protecting the sites of natural heritage which people from all over the world come to see.

Covering 40 per cent of Australia’s land mass, our north has the resources, the connections across the tropics, and the land, skills and institutions that the Indo-Pacific region needs; a region that has the savings and the markets to drive northern prosperity.

Warren Snowdon knows that our north’s future will come from its people, its ingenuity, and its diversity.